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5 Ways To Keep Your Leather Bag Looking New

5 Ways To Keep Your Leather Bag Looking New

Leather bags and wallets can be expensive and long-lasting investments, but over time they lose their luster due to the natural influence of the elements. They darken and start to look shabby. If you can’t shake the feeling of guilt every time you carry your favorite bag around town knowing it’s not in its best condition, read this article to get tips on how to take care of your leather goods without damaging them any worse than they already are! In December 2018, the company Burberry announced a new “luxe leather bag,” made from panels of high-quality French calf leather, scrunched up in a quilted pattern and sewn together in a robotically altered pattern,” making it both machine-made and uniquely handcrafted.

Ways to keep a leather bag clean

To keep your leather bag looking new, limit the sharing of personal objects to other bags. Carry other items in small purses or shoulder bags so there is less contact with the inside of the bag. Use high-quality leather cleaners should any stains arise. Clean your handbags after each use to remove any sugar spills or dust that may have occurred while reaching for food at a restaurant. 1. When you first notice that your bag needs to be cleaned, wash the purse with a soap-free cloth or cleaning wipe. 2. Take it away from the elements to avoid water getting inside; this can produce cracking and discoloration. 3. Salt will remove tar or gum out of the leather; however, make sure to use water after to finish removing salt residue. 4. Okay, if your wallet is looking like it needs an intervention, find a little container – like an old coffee cup – and fill it with equal parts vinegar and 5% hydrogen peroxide solution (1/4 Cup Mostly Vinegar + 1 Cup Mostly Hydrogen Peroxide). Pour mixture over entire handbag (including inside), work it around, then flip

Useful tips for caring for your leather bag

Keeping your leather bag looking new is easy. Here are some tips that will help you keep your bag looking classy and new:- Handle with care: Don’t drag it on the ground or set it in the mud when you’re outside.
– Remove crumbs and food: Vacuum, wipe down and wet a cotton rag with water to remove caked-on foods.
– Keep away from chemicals: Battery acid, alcohol, nail polish remover, solvents may all cause irreparable damage to your leather bag.

how to avoid mishaps with your leather bag including water stains, peeling handles, and crinkling leather from weather

There are many ways to avoid common mishaps with your leather bag. Some of these include using a leather protector to avoid water stains from soaking into the bag, wiping the handles with ChapStick if they peel or crack, and storing your bag in a room for inclement weather.

Tips from professionals that will save you from buying a new bag every year

1) Avoid getting caught in the rain. If your bag is simply misted, use a cloth to immediately wipe the spot dry. If it’s seeped through, towel dry by dabbing rather than rubbing because this will minimize cracking. 2) Use aloe vera gel or conditioner to get rid of stains. Simply put some gel on a cloth and gently rub it into the stain. Then wipe clean with a damp sponge. Or pour some conditioner on a cloth and soak up any stains that are just sitting there. 3) Beware of the air! The air will speed up the deterioration process because it has too many pollutants for leather to handle. 4) Stick to bags with hardware made out of both metal and rubber


Clean your leather bag at least once a month with a gentle soap. Take advantage of this time to wipe dried-on grime from the bag using a damp cloth or sponge. Vacuum any embedded dust or dirt that has accumulated on the inside, outside, and strap surfaces. Pat dry once it’s fully clean.


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